The Saint project - NO MORE WIPES

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The Saint project - NO MORE WIPES

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Dear players,

We would like to announce that our Core server (what you are currently playing) will NEVER wipe.

We know that after so many years and so many servers, there is one thing that all players search for and that is a stable server without wipes. One that you can always have your main character as you have created him the first day.

But as you all know very few players are intrested in joining a server after 2-3 months from opening, because others hare already reached a high level of farm and new players cannot compete with them and this is just the nature of MMO and is something we cannot possibly change in any way.

What we can do tho, is to create a New (Neo) server to keep new players coming every few months and when the time is right merge Core with New (Neo) server.
When New (Neo) server is created that does not mean Core server is down/wiped or by any means stopped.
Core server will keep running no matter what will happen with New (Neo) server.
Also you will be able to transfer your Royal Credits from Core server to New (Neo) Server

New (Neo) server will be identical to Core server with the exact same rates. After New (Neo) server is alive and running for a certain period (2-4 months), all players from New (Neo) server will be transfered to our Core server along with their clans and items to join other players already playing on Core.
No character from either Core or New (Neo) server will be wiped.

We believe that this way, new players coming, instead of not wanting to play in an "old" server, would join the New (Neo) server to play with other people that also start from zero with same opportunities with them and when the time is right they could join Core server.
This way there will be a constant flow of players in our Core server to keep it alive forever!

When merge happens and New (Neo) merges with Core, another New (Neo) server will open, fresh and clean waiting for new players to join and eventually merge again with Core when the time is right.

Nothing is stopping anyone from joining straight to Core server instead of New (Neo), any player is free to decide whether they want to join Core or New (Neo) server, but those playing in Core will also have the opportunity to farm at the same time in both Core and New (Neo) server! When the time has come for a merge they could potentially double their fortune!

All this project has one goal only, to keep Core server alive forever! There can be no Interlude server, no matter how big or how good that can keep running forever, there must be a flow of new players and since new players refuse to join and start with no-grade when others have full epic sets, which is totally understandable, we give them the opportunity to get their share of farm before joining Core and taking a bite vs our real farmed players.


When will the first merge happen ?
The first merge between New (Neo) and Core server will happen at January 2022

What about Heroes/Castles/Clan Halls of New (Neo) server ?
Unfortunately, any Hero, Castle or Clan Hall owned in New (Neo) server will not be transferred in Core Server for obvious reasons.

What will happen with characters and clans with the same name ?
When the time has come to merge, all characters that exist in New (Neo) server and their name is already taken in Core server, will receive a free name change. The same applies for clan names.

Stay safe,